Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur

A craving for Japanese food and rave reviews from friends and colleagues alike took us to Edo Ichi, a Japanese restaurant located at Solaris Dutamas. (To avoid confusion, Publika, which is a mall, is located in Solaris Dutamas. However, the restaurant is NOT located inside Publika).

We were greeted politely by the waitress at the entrance and couldn’t help but notice that the ambience was beautiful and elegant. [ Try spotting Nemo… =) ]

Left to right: Pickled Ginger, Shoyu (Japanese Soy Sauce), Wasabi, Shichimi Tōgarashi (Seven Flavoured Chilli Pepper)

For starters, we had Horenso Goma Ae, Chilled Spinach with Sesame Sauce (RM9), and Chawan Mushi (RM10).

Mien: I love spinach and this was really good. You could taste the sesame in the sesame sauce which I love. One of the best chawan mushis that I’ve had!

Kav: The sesame sauce and the spinach was a match made in heaven. I would have preferred a warm salad though. The chawan mushi was one of the better ones I have tried.

Gaj: The spinach was nice! I don’t like chawan mushi in general, but this was good.

Shiv: I am not a big fan of cold appetisers, but the spinach was really good. The sesame sauce coating the spinach was well-seasoned. Chawan mushi didn’t taste overly egg-y.

We then had Una Cheese Roll, Sushi Roll with Eel, Cheese, and Vegetables (RM32).

Kav: The unagi left much to be desired. The sweet sauce was not flavored well and was a little too sweet. Would have preferred it without the cheese.

Gaj: I am not a big fan of eel in general as it is usually prepared sweet, and this was no different as the teriyaki sauce at the bottom of the platter was sweet.

Shiv: I love unagi and this roll did not disappoint. I thought the cheese would overwhelm the eel, but I was mistaken, as it actually complemented it really well.

The next roll we had was Shake Tataki Roll, Sushi Roll with Crab stick, Cheese, Vegetables with Surface Salmon (RM30).

Kav: The sauce that accompanied this was too sweet and it masked the taste of the salmon which I disliked.

Gaj: Again, the teriyaki sauce at the bottom of the platter was sweet and spoilt this dish for me.

Shiv: Disappointing. It’s hard to go wrong with fresh salmon, but the sweet sauce made this roll a tad wanting.

Shake Sashimi, Salmon Sashimi was the next dish to arrive (RM25).

Mien: Really fresh, however I would have preferred the salmon belly.

Kav: The salmon was cut too thick. However, it was fresh, fatty and oily. Just the way I like it!

Gaj:  It was wait-for-it ................. ‘AMAZEBALLS’.

Shiv: Loved it! The salmon was well-marbled and very fresh. Despite being sliced rather thickly, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The third roll that we were served was Spider Roll, Sushi Roll with Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Avocado and Cucumber (RM 24).

Kav: The soft shell crab was fried to perfection, it was crispy and savoury. The mush avocado complemented the crisp crab perfectly. LOVES!!!

Gaj: I did not like this dish as the soft shell crab had a rancid taste to it.

Shiv: There was a metallic oily taste to the soft shell crab – reeked of overused frying oil!

Moving away from the rolls, we had Hotate Mentai Yaki, Grilled Scallops with Cod Roe Mayo (RM25).

Mien: Really really good - fresh and nice!

Kav: The scallop was fresh and the sauce that accompanied it was really good. Was pleasantly surprised as I expected the mayo to overwhelm the dish.

Gaj: Yummy-licious. Could have had seconds.

Shiv: Was left wanting for more! The broth the scallop was contained in was light and flavourful.

Next up, we were served Age Dashi Tofu, Deep Fried Beancurd with Nameko Mushroom and Sauce (RM 10).

Mien: Love tofu, and this dish didn’t disappoint. Love the ‘chik-kut teh-ness’ of the broth.

Kav: I liked the herb-like taste of the broth. The skin of the tofu soaked in the broth was delicious!

Gaj: Generally, I love Age Dashi Tofu and this did not fail!

Shiv: Loved the shoyu broth, and the deep-fried tofu topped with bonito flakes was just sublime! Generous portion too.

The next dish that followed was Ginmutsu Konabe, Cod fish and vegetables in hot pot. This dish was accompanied with Miso paste sauce (Bean paste) (RM 35) and soba noodles (RM6).

*This dish can be ordered without adding noodles. If you want to add noodles, you can choose from a variety of noodles including Soba noodles, Udon noodles, plain noodles, and more. If noodles are added, there is an additional cost of RM6.*

Mien: Hmmm…. mega disappointment! The worst miso I have tasted – had a weird, fishy taste to it. The cod was the only saviour, as it was fresh. I think the mixture of the mushrooms, cod and miso produced a vedeke (fishy) taste… yuck!

Kav: This dish put all my senses to sleep. The soup was extremely bland, and the ingredients didn’t do much to help with the taste. The only redemption for this dish: cod was fresh.

Gaj: Disliked the Miso paste sauce, it had a bean paste taste to it. The broth was too creamy and was bad!

Shiv: Should have gone with the shoyu paste. Damnnit! The miso was so distasteful, and unlike the usual pleasant bean taste, this one tasted over-fermented (if there ever was such a thing!). Did not enjoy this one bit.

Shiv and Gaj had Shake Temaki, Hand Roll with Raw Salmon (RM8).

Gaj: The salmon was fresh and I enjoyed the hand roll immensely.

Shiv: WOW! The freshness of the salmon made this temaki absolutely delicious, and I would have had seconds if I wasn’t already so stuffed with all the rice.

Kav had Soft Shell Crab Temaki, Hand Roll with Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Shrimp Roe (RM8).

Kav: Love love love this temaki. They certainly know how to make their soft shell crab!

Last but not least, we had two desserts, the first being Goma or black sesame ice cream (RM10).

Mien: Good! I could taste the black sesame and the texture of the ice cream was creamy!

Kav: Not a big fan of sesame ice cream, but loved this one.

Gaj: LOVE Goma ice cream!

Shiv: Was too stuffed by the time this came, but it was delish nevertheless. Very creamy and packed with REAL sesame flavour, unlike some of the artificially flavoured ones you get.

The second dessert was Chocolate Parfait (RM16).

Mien: Just like a cheap average chocolate ice cream! No go!

Kav: Tasted like one of the commercial ice creams you find in tubs sold in supermarkets for a little more than RM5. There was nothing about this dessert that I enjoyed. (The other three goons made me finish it!)

Gaj: Did not enjoy this ice cream! The chocolate had a funky flavor to it.

Shiv: Only had one bite to sample, and did not miss a thing. The chocolate ice cream used was of poor quality, and it paled in comparison to the Goma.

Verdict : WOK OFF!

PRICE: Expensive (RM 256 for 14 dishes).

AMBIENCE: Beautiful, cosy and elegant. (Perfect location for that first date!)

SERVICE: Fairly good - food arrived promptly.

FOOD: The price did not justify the quality of food that was served.


Tel: +603 6205 5228

Opening Hours:
11.30am – 3.00pm (Lunch)
6.00pm – 10.00pm (Dinner)